18 February

Lipstick Rose Frederic Malle: finally at peace with tenderness.

3 Februari 2013

Vol de Nuit vtg parfum: stretching the wings, ultrasonic trail behind my back.

23 Januari 2013

Angélique Encens Creed & 31 Rue Cambon Chanel: double hit.

1 January

Nahéma Guerlain: Big Bang of Love!

28 December

Mimosa Pour Moi L’Artisan Parfumeur: the impressionism in a flacon.

La Myrrhe Serge Lutens:

good to baby Jesus, good to me.

1er Mai Frederic Malle:

a new day is born!

Nuit de Noel:

waiting for a miracle.

Amyitis Mona di Orio:

fairytale forest.

Nuit de Noel:

14 days to go.