O деталях

Читая блоги об одежде, часто натыкаюсь на комментарий: "не хватает аксессуаров".Опубликуй Тильда свое фото в каком-нибудь модном сообщесте, ей бы сразу посоветовали добавить серьги, платок, пояс, браслет или клатч. И может быть еще кое-что. Я сама не очень люблю носить все это на себе, мне и так тяжело от мыслей. Мне редко кажется, что на мне [...]

Rose Helena Renaissance and Rose Etoile de Hollande

Rose Helena Renaissance (Denmark, 1997) and Rose Etoile de Hollande (The Netherlands, 1931) Two and half years ago I planted the Rose Etoile de Hollande as a tribute to Mona Di Orio. This year the rose broke into bloom for the first time.

“Europe will be killing part of its memory”

The letter of Luc Gabriel, CEO of The Different Company “Dear friends, The latest European regulatory provisions of February 13thconcerning raw materials used in fine fragrance, if they are adopted, will sound the death knell of high perfumery within five years. Essential natural ingredients such as rose, citral, tonka bean, ylang-ylang, will be banished or [...]

Special Report: EU threat spotlights perfume makers’ secrets

An article by Astrid Wendlandt (Reuters)  from 16 december 2012 about regulations in perfume industry. Full text is below. (Reuters) – Luxury perfume brands fear the European Union is about to introduce measures that could cripple the $25 billion global industry in the name of protecting consumers against allergies. New laws could severely curb or [...]